Libc06.dll question
(too old to reply)
Mike Luther
2007-11-24 18:46:03 UTC
I've kept track of Paul Smedley's very valuable work in helping coordinate our
libc06.dll operations as best I can. His most recent work is installed and
working fine, so I can tell. But curiously, in my OS2\DLL directory there is
still a version libc06b4.dll there. It dates all the way back to 2005 on every
system I have here with MCP2 XRC05 lastest everything.

I thought I understood that Paul's work and the latest libc06c3 release
coordinates all the various libc06 efforts such that that work should take care
of all the libc06 needs. So, for test purposes, I attempted to rename
libc06r4.dll to libc06r4.dlk in researching some issues with Seamonkey 1.1.7
latest fails in the OS/2 mode. It is, as I understand, dependent on the
'latest' version of the libc06 code, even as to both Peter's enhanced high
memory version, as well as now the nightly compiled code as well.

Surprise! It is in use. OK, I took Theseus and dug into this. Surprise!
Everything from PMSHELL to even IJFIRE us actually using this libc06r4.dll on
my systems. And I can't even recall unpacking it from any of the various
release candidates for libc06 and placing it in the OS2\DLL directory.

Well, I can boot to a command line with the Utility Floppy Diskette set or
perhaps to an <ALT F1> command line. I can try to rename it there to 'force it
off the table' for testing. But before I do this, I'd like to know what anyone
else here knows is going on with libc06 and how even PMSHELL and so on are
using, much less even got, this r4 instance involved in things here.

--> Sleep well; OS2's still awake! ;)

Mike Luther
Steve Wendt
2007-11-24 20:52:07 UTC
OS2\DLL directory there is still a version libc06b4.dll there.
You need that for Innotek Font Engine 2.6 beta (unfortunately).